Power Of An Individual

Believe in power of one. We can make a meaningful differences in our surroundings by adopting ISR. Here is a recap of the individual journey of Mr Dharmendra Kar, who has been the leader in this movement so far and the impact which his leadership has created. He advocates along with our full time jobs and responsibilities we can make a meaningful differences in the world around us by taking personal responsibility.

His Individual Mantra: To carry out Individual Social Responsibility by contributing 20% of his time, 20% of his personal income and committed for 20 long years.

Success stories by adopting #ISRWAY
  • Planted and grown 5000+Trees in and around his Village Gholapur, Jajpur district Odisha, 2000-2020
  • Planted and grown 500 Trees at his High School, Mugpal and Madhuban, Jajpur, Odisha, 2016-2020
     2920 Volunteering Hours 2016-2020 to transform my city Navi Mumbai Green and Clean with 3000+Trees planted and grown at Kharghar Navi Mumbai.
  •  A Journey of a Wasteland to a Wetland- Revived a dead pond in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai by cleaning everyday, 2018-2020 with citizens around and local civic authorities. Ministry of Jalshakti, Govt. of India recognized us as WaterHero.
  • Around one lakh seedballs made and tossed everywhere to increase green cover by connecting the communities with regular seedballs workshops with Team Greenathon, Super30GreenOdisha, CSR and ISR initiatives since last 4 years
  • Connected and working with a team of more than 1000 self motivated volunteers to bring a change everyday by taking individual social responsibility.
  •  Spending 2 hours daily to connect more and more individuals across the globe to mitigate climate change by adopting and planting everywhere and every day.
  •  Planting Everywhere in the Planet on everyday basis with a super30 volunteering team, more than 30,000 trees planted and adopted within a year time.
  •  Green and clean footprints all over India by conducting more than 100 environmental initiatives, plantations, seed balls and Cleanliness drives/workshops to inspire more than a lakh individuals.
Peoples Power Revive Kharghar Pond
Make a Difference​​​​
ISRWAY to make our surroundings green and clean​​​