Kharghar, Navi Mumbai is a place with abundance of natural beauty. The place is blessed with Parsik hills forest range which is blessed with rich flora an fauna.
Between the forest, near Taloja Jail, there is a Prachin Pahadi Shiva Temple- called SwayamBhu Temple situated at the hill's foot land. The place had a small natural 'shivaling' situated there as per local villagers and a village's family built a temple around the 'Shivaling' in late 60's and started worshipping.

The temple's structure was in need of renovation since long. The ISR foundation's promoter Sh. Dharmendra Kar took the responsibility to renovate it before 2022 Shivaratri festival. With the contribution of volunteers of 'Adopt the Nature Group' which was again initiated by Sh. Dharmendra Kar, the foundation could collect the necessary fund to complete the renovation of the temple.

As the temple is situated at the hilly area, arrangement of water, construction material and labor movement was a challenge in itself. Under the leadership of Sh. Dharmendra, many volunteered to arrange the required resources in due time.

Being a forest area around the temple, it was home to many reptiles including venomous snakes, which was a cause of concern for people visiting there. During the repair of the cracks on the temple, many snakes were found in the cracks, who ware allowed to leave for the forest area without harming them.

It took around 15 days to completely renovate the temple. Inner Wheel Club donated a solar lamp post which was installed at the main entrance of the temple.

The Shivratri was celebrated with great enthusiasm with participation of many people. Prasadam was arranged through the donation of devotees. Local music program was arranged by the trustee of the temple.

Many volunteers embraced 'Individual Social Responsibility' theme and made this project possible. ISR Foundation is proud and thankful to all the contributors and volunteers.