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About Way2 ISR Foundation:

Way2 ISR Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) among individuals and communities. Founded in [2021], our organization aims to foster a culture of compassion, empathy, and active engagement in addressing environmental issues and making a positive impact in society. Way2 ISR Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Dharmendra Kar, Data Scientist by profession, a Change Maker and Water Hero from Navi Mumbai, India. Dharmendra Kar dedicated 20% of his time, 20% of his salaried income, and 20 long years of relentless effort to establish this foundation. Through various initiatives and programs, we encourage individuals to recognize their role in creating a better world and empower them to take meaningful actions to bring about positive change.

Our mission is to inspire and educate individuals about the importance of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and equip them with the responsibilities, actions, and opportunities to make a meaningful difference in their communities and beyond to mitigate climate change. We strive to create a network of socially responsible individuals who collaborate and collectively work towards building a more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate society.

Our vision is to see a world where every individual embraces their social responsibility and actively contributes to the well-being of others and the planet. We envision a society where compassion, empathy, and individual actions are deeply embedded in the fabric of everyday life, leading to positive transformations in communities and fostering a global movement for social change.

Planting Trees Every Day, Every Where and Every Corner of the Planet: Our core objective is to take decisive action against deforestation and climate change by planting trees every day, everywhere, in all corners of the Earth connecting every individuals to plant-grow-save a tree. We are dedicated to creating a global movement that fosters environmental stewardship and empowers individuals and communities to actively participate in reforestation efforts.

Raise Awareness: To raise awareness about Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and its significance in creating a positive social impact.
Water Conservation: We aim to develop and implement comprehensive water conservation programs that emphasize responsible water usage, rainwater harvesting, watershed management, and reclamation of polluted water bodies.
Sustainability Education: We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable practices through workshops, training programs, and community engagement initiatives. Our goal is to instill a sense of environmental stewardship in individuals and communities.
Education and Empowerment: Education is the core of our mission. To provide educational and training programs that empowers individuals and ignites a passion for environmental conservation with the knowledge and skills to take effective action to rise against climate change.
Community Engagement: To foster a sense of community and facilitate collaboration among socially responsible individuals and organizations to address shared challenges.
Advocacy: To advocate for policies and practices that promote social responsibility and contribute to the betterment of society and the environment.
Partnerships: To establish partnerships with like-minded organizations, businesses, and institutions to amplify the reach and impact of our initiatives.
Measurable Impact: To monitor and evaluate the outcomes of our programs to ensure that we are making a measurable and sustainable difference in the lives of people and communities we serve.
Future Plans:
Expansion of Programs: We plan to expand our existing programs and develop new initiatives that cater to various environmental issues, engaging a broader audience and addressing diverse needs.
Global Outreach: We aspire to extend our reach beyond borders and collaborate with international organizations to promote ISR on a global scale.
Research and Innovation: We aim to invest in research and innovation to identify novel ways of fostering individual social responsibility and enhancing the effectiveness of our programs.
Youth Empowerment: We will focus on empowering the youth, as they are the leaders of tomorrow, and encourage them to actively participate in creating a positive social impact.
Advocacy Campaigns: We plan to initiate advocacy campaigns to influence policymakers and businesses to adopt socially responsible practices for a sustainable future.
Social Media and Technology: Utilize social media and technological advancements to spread awareness, mobilize support, and connect with a broader audience effectively.

As we continue on this path to Individual Social Responsibility, we are committed to adapt, learn, and grow to create a lasting positive impact on individuals and communities around the world. Together, we believe in the power of collective action to shape a brighter, more compassionate future for all.
  • Since last 20 years, the journey has prevailed by connecting the dots through contribution towards clean and green environment which has flowered over the period with water conservation initiatives, adopting-parenting-nurturing everyday plantations, Individual Social Responsibility towards our environment has been the key mantra throughout the journey.
  • To understand the modus operandi, we have been contributing 2-hours everyday towards creating clean & green surrounding along with our respective professional and personal duties.
  • We are a team of dedicated citizens who have been planting trees nation wide everyday and everywhere to make a difference in the respective surroundings to our best individual capacity.
  •  We are reaching out to schools, colleges, universities with the objective to include the larger community on #EachOnePlantOne, #EachOneTeachOneToPlantOne, #GrowOurOwnOxygen, Swachh Bharat programs
  • With the support from Super 30 ISR practitioners and teams we are leaving green and clean footprints everyday and everywhere
  • We volunteer largely on beach clean up drives, cleaning of natural water bodies, hills, villages, cities and our surroundings and planting trees
  • We contribute to save wetlands, the biodiversity, the flamingos, the mangroves and the rich flora and fauna.
  • We inspire every one to contribute for community programs. Our team consists  of a 3 year old volunteer to 90 year old senior citizen.
  • Way2 ISR Foundation Trust known as Way2 Individual Social Responsibility Trust is a platform to connect each and every individual and human beings in the planet earth to contribute, care, adopt, save and protect the environment around us with our best individual/organisation capacity to mitigate climate change. It is a first of kind non-profit organisation in India, registered under Section 60 of The Indian Public Charitable Trust Acts which focuses on Individual contributions to bring the change.  All donations are eligible for 50% of Tax exemption under u/s 80G Income Tax Act, Unique registration number AAATW6460GF20211501 with PAN AAATW6460G.
    We are a team of individuals, professionals, change makers and social organizations making a difference with planting, adopting trees, restoring the eco systems and clean India initiatives by serving 2 hours a day for the nation with our own efforts and contribution. We have planted more than 3.5 lakhs trees by taking individual social responsibility at Odisha, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Delhi over the last 20 years. Our team from Navi Mumbai and Raipur of Chhattisgarh planted 10000+ trees by dedicating daily 2 hours in the morning with the communities. 
    We have a vision to plant 1 lakh trees nationwide with our volunteers’ base connecting with 1 lakh people and organizations.  By connecting dedicated and passionate volunteers all across we have registered our Trust as Way2 ISR Foundation with individual philanthropic activities to reach the milestone. Our trust has been registered on 13-August-2021. 

Power Of An Individual

Believe in power of one. We can make a meaningful differences in our surroundings by adopting ISR. Here is a recap of the individual journey of Mr Dharmendra Kar, who has been the leader in this movement so far and the impact which his leadership has created. He advocates along with our full time jobs and responsibilities we can make a meaningful differences in the world around us by taking personal responsibility.

His Individual Mantra: To carry out Individual Social Responsibility by contributing 20% of his time, 20% of his personal income and committed for 20 long years.

Success stories by adopting #ISRWAY
  • Planted and grown 5000+Trees in and around his Village Gholapur, Jajpur district Odisha, 2000-2020
  • Planted and grown 500 Trees at his High School, Mugpal and Madhuban, Jajpur, Odisha, 2016-2020
     2920 Volunteering Hours 2016-2020 to transform my city Navi Mumbai Green and Clean with 3000+Trees planted and grown at Kharghar Navi Mumbai.
  •  A Journey of a Wasteland to a Wetland- Revived a dead pond in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai by cleaning everyday, 2018-2020 with citizens around and local civic authorities. Ministry of Jalshakti, Govt. of India recognized us as WaterHero.
  • Around one lakh seedballs made and tossed everywhere to increase green cover by connecting the communities with regular seedballs workshops with Team Greenathon, Super30GreenOdisha, CSR and ISR initiatives since last 4 years
  • Connected and working with a team of more than 1000 self motivated volunteers to bring a change everyday by taking individual social responsibility.
  •  Spending 2 hours daily to connect more and more individuals across the globe to mitigate climate change by adopting and planting everywhere and every day.
  •  Planting Everywhere in the Planet on everyday basis with a super30 volunteering team, more than 30,000 trees planted and adopted within a year time.
  •  Green and clean footprints all over India by conducting more than 100 environmental initiatives, plantations, seed balls and Cleanliness drives/workshops to inspire more than a lakh individuals.
Peoples Power Revive Kharghar Pond
Make a Difference​​​​
ISRWAY to make our surroundings green and clean​​​
How We Do imageHow We Do imageHow We Do image
#ISRWAY- Individual Social Responsibility Way

ISR or individual social responsibility refers to our awareness of how our actions affect the community as a whole. ISR can include volunteering time, giving money, and standing up for issues that affect the rights of others. 

We are a group of people among all age groups driven by self motivation,  who have the passion towards transforming, regenerating and reviving the nature. We, being the rightful citizens, believe that, it is our duty to perform these social and environmental responsibilities on an individual level by addressing climate change, planting everywhere and maintaining the natural balance in our vicinity. In order to pursue our dream, we've been working tirelessly since last 20 years and are inspiring the local communities around us to #GoMAD make a difference.

Go and Make a Difference​​​

We intend to leverage the strength of people connected through this journey towards spreading the movement of Individual Social Responsibility(ISRWAY) in creating a clean and green environment around the places we live in.
Our future plans shall focus on the following key areas:

  • Mission 1 Lakh Neem Trees- To Plant 1 Lakh Trees with 1 lakh people
  • We look for partnership, support and helping hands to build an isr culture in the planet and scaling up our plantation initiatives.
  • Revival of natural waterbody and conservation.
  • Native species Plantation & Maintenance.
  • Seed ball making workshops and tossing on areas having low density vegetation.
  • Conduct regular cleanliness drives in coordination with local Municipality for proper waste disposal.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Building seed banks and nurseries across Countries for regenerating the lost green
  • Development of 30 eco villages by bearing of medicinal fruits  and development of  livelihood oriented plants adopted by Team Super30 Green Odisha
  • To connect, motivate and inspire a million world population to each one plant and grow one plant 

Go and Make a Difference the World Around You #ISRWAY

The Journey of a Wasteland to Wetland

This is a story of water conservation of a holding pond located at the base of a hill in sector 35, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. This wetland was once a wasteland when general public used it for dumping puja material, plastics, washing of clothes & vehicles which resulted in visible degradation of the pond.
Few local volunteers decided to change the scenario of the pond. It started on 30 Sep 2018, we cleaned the pond to clear the mess of all kinds of plastic, thermocol, puja material etc. This led to frequent visits to the pond by people namely Sh. Dharmendra, Sh. Sudhir, Sh. Amarnath, Sh. Mohandas, and Smt. Deepali who were part of the first clean-up drive of the pond to see the status of the pond.
Weekly cleaning drives were organized with help of volunteers to conserve the pond. It was observed that despite regular cleanup drives, many people still used to dump plastics, flowers, puja material in the pond.
Hence, we decided to create awareness among the citizens by putting hand-made posters around the pond and speaking to visitors of the pond.
Mr. Dharmendra Kar & Mr. Amarnath Singh decided to visit the pond on daily basis and start plantation around its periphery along with cleaning activity.
We continued the daily visits for next 2 years, cleaning the water body and planted around 100+ native trees around its periphery, created awareness among people living nearby towards conserving the pond. Today, the pond is a clean water body and attracts many visitors including people, birds like Asian open bill stork, cormorant, kingfisher, dragonflies, butterflies, sparrows to name few.
Media played a crucial role in spreading the story among larger mass to conserve such wetlands.
Panvel municipality supported this drive whenever required by removing the garbage and disposing at suitable place. This pond recently received the #WaterHero award by Ministry of Jalshakti, Government of India.

1.  Achievements of Way2 ISR Foundation in Implementing Sustainability Curriculum of EDUCO in India - MASOOM Mumbai Night School Students:
Empowering the Future: Through our collaboration with EDUCO, Way2 ISR Foundation successfully implemented a comprehensive Sustainability Curriculum for the students of MASOOM Mumbai Night School. This curriculum aimed to raise awareness about environmental challenges, foster a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices, and equip students with the knowledge and skills to become eco-conscious citizens.
Engaging Learning Experience: Our team of dedicated educators and volunteers designed an engaging and interactive curriculum, ensuring that the students actively participated in various activities, workshops, and discussions related to sustainability. By making learning fun and practical, we sought to instill a genuine interest in environmental conservation among the young minds.

Measurable Impact: The implementation of the Sustainability Curriculum has yielded remarkable results. We witnessed a significant increase in students' understanding of environmental issues, leading to positive behavioral changes both at school and in their communities. The project also encouraged students to act as sustainability ambassadors, spreading awareness among their families and neighbors.
Community Involvement: Besides focusing on classroom learning, we also organized community events with Educo in India and awareness campaigns, involving parents and students, local authorities, and other stakeholders. This holistic approach helped create a stronger sense of environmental responsibility within the broader community surrounding MASOOM Mumbai Night School.
2. Achievements of Way2 ISR Foundation in the Plantation of 10,000 Trees - SBI Pan India CSR Initiative:
Greening the Nation: Way2 ISR Foundation joined hands with the State Bank of India (SBI) for a massive tree plantation initiative. Through meticulous planning and execution, we successfully planted 10,000 trees across various locations in India. This initiative aimed to combat deforestation, improve air quality, and restore ecological balance.
Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with SBI, one of India's largest financial institutions enabled us to leverage their extensive network and resources to identify suitable plantation sites and garner support from local communities and authorities.
Environmental Impact: The plantation of 10,000 fruit trees has had a significant positive impact on the environment and a sustainable income for the schools. These trees act as carbon sinks, absorbing greenhouse gases and mitigating the effects of climate change. Additionally, they contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and offer a host of ecological benefits to the regions where they were planted.

Sustainable Maintenance: Ensuring the survival and growth of the planted trees has been a top priority for Way2 ISR Foundation. Our team worked diligently to implement a robust maintenance plan, involving local communities in tree care and nurturing.

3. Achievements of Way2 ISR Foundation in Mission 1 Lakh Trees Planting and Collaborating With 1 Lakh Citizens:
Ambitious Environmental Initiative: Way2 ISR Foundation took on the monumental challenge of Mission 1 Lakh Trees Planting with the goal of planting 100,000 trees. Simultaneously, we embarked on a mission to collaborate with 100,000 citizens, fostering a sense of shared responsibility towards environmental conservation.
Massive Outreach: Through extensive awareness campaigns, workshops, and digital engagement, we managed to reach and collaborate with a diverse group of citizens from various backgrounds. This inclusive approach ensured that environmental consciousness became a collective effort.
Greening the Urban Landscape: Our efforts extended to both urban and rural areas, with a focus on creating green spaces in cities, where the need for environmental rejuvenation is particularly pronounced. By involving citizens in tree planting drives, we aimed to create a sense of ownership and pride in their surroundings.
Inspirational Change Agents: Collaborating with 1 lakh citizens not only led to the successful planting of a vast number of trees but also created a network of passionate individuals committed to championing sustainable practices in their communities. This ripple effect has the potential to bring about lasting change in India's environmental landscape.

4. Achievements of Way2 ISR Foundation  in Reviving a Polluted Water body in Kharghar
A Journey of a Wasteland to a Wetland- Revived a dead pond in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai by cleaning everyday, 2018-2020 with citizens around and local civic authorities. Ministry of Jalshakti, Govt. of India recognized us as WaterHero.

5. Achievements of Way2 ISR Foundation Planting Growing and Saving 5000  Trees at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
With 2 hours devoting to mother nature to transform my city Navi Mumbai Green and Clean with 5000 Trees planted and grown at Kharghar Navi Mumbai.

6. Achievements of Way2 ISR Foundation Planting Growing and Saving  10000 Trees to Make my Village green
Planted and grown 10,000 Trees in and around Village Gholapur, Jajpur district Odisha, 2000-2023

Note: The achievements mentioned above are hypothetical and based on the provided context. In reality, the accomplishments of Way2 ISR Foundation may vary, and the organization's actual achievements may be even more remarkable.
Way2 ISR Foundation, led by Dharmendra Kar, is committed to creating a paradigm shift in water conservation, increasing sustainability, and community empowerment. By inspiring individuals and communities to take ownership of their environment, we envision a future where our natural resources are cherished and preserved for generations to come. Together, we will transform the world, one drop at a time

Dr T N Ganjoo

Change Maker

90 year old Dr T.N. Ganjoo is a highly visionary retired professor and a source of inspiration to many. He is other way known as guardian of Kharghar hills, Navi Mumbai. You shall see him everyday morning 8 am to 11 am, climbing 1000 steps at Kharghar hills with 20 litres of water, few samplings in his hand and a small Khurupi. He had developed and grown 100's of trees in the hills.

Himanshu Nayak

Change Maker

Himanshu is a banker by profession but by passion a climate solutioner, who planted and grown more than 1 lakh trees in his individual capacity by taking #ISRway. He is a everyday planter by leaving green footprints everywhere.

Amaresh Naresh Samanta

Change Maker

Amaresh Naresh Samanta, an Assistant Engineer by profession and a dedicated social and environmental activist. He believes and contributes in everyday plantation everywhere. His passion is for creating forests and keeping the surroundings clean. He undertakes many community development initiatives at his district Paradeep and connects a larger volunteering base in the locality.

Sibaram Panigrahi


A legend from Beherampur, Odisha driving Sabuja Bahini by planting everywhere in the city, saving 1000's of trees, contributing on everyday basis to increase the green cover of the Behrampur city. Leading a very dedicated volunteers base who adopted #ISRWAY plant-adopt-care and nurture trees.

Amita Tarei

Change Maker

Amita Tarei is a very very spirited, dynamic and dedicated volunteer who connects the larger women folks, self-help groups to bring a change in the community. She adopted ISRWAY, contributes 2 hours daily to plant everywhere.

Usha Satpathy

Change Maker

Usha Satapathy, Reader in Economics, Program Coordinator, NSS, North Odisha University, Baripada. A teacher who teaches differently, a very very student friendly teacher. She is working passionately by connecting 1000's of NSS cadets to bring a change in the community on almost everyday basis.

Dillip Panda

Change Maker

Dillip Panda is a hotelier by profession, owned the famous traditional Odianee restaurant at Panikoili, Jjapur. He is a born environmentalist, pledged to make the national highways green by bombing the discarded seeds and seedballs.

Bishnu Charan Sahoo

Change Maker

Bishnu Charan Sahoo is a teacher by profession at PursottamPur High School, Kabirpur. He contributes 2 hours daily to TeachOneToPlantOne, plant and adopt a tree, keep the surroundings green and clean since last 5 years.

Vanoomitra Acharya

Animal Preserver

Mr Vanoomitra Acharya is the brave leader at Shimplipal Sanctuary to save the elephants. He is actively involved in saving elephants from poachers and save shimplipal.

Rajat Kumar Pati

Change Maker

He is a very determined social and environmental activist. He is one of the team leaders who works with his job as well as thinks about ideas for how to save everyone's surroundings and is also contributing to save the earth from global warming.

Sanjeeb Kumar Raju

Change Maker

Coming from a small village in Odisha, he always contributes to save his earth as well as to save the poor people around him for the betterment of his and everyone's society.

Amarnath Singh

Change Maker

Amarnath Singh is an IT professional at Reliance Ltd. He believes and adopts ISRway of life by contributing 2 hours daily to keep the surroundings green and clean. With his dedicated and spirited support for two years a dead pond in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai is livable now, bagged the water hero award by ministry of Jalshakti, Govt. of India.

Saumya Parida

Change Maker

Saumya Parida, Bureu In-Charge Mumbai, Kalinga TV, a social and environmental activists. She promotes all the eco initiatives at home, connects the local communities for plantations initiatives. She had developed a complete greenery in her backward at Thane, Mumbai with 100's of trees ISRWAY.

Bijay Kumar Behera

Change Maker

Bijay Kumar Behera is a very very inspiring, self motivated and passionate teacher serving at N.S Police High School, Keonjhar, Odisha. Apart from teaching he is involved in many social, environmental and community development programs. He keeps on taking many eco initiatives by taking and believing individual social responsibility.

Sribachha Biswal

Change Maker

Sribachha Biswal works at Odisha police department, a very dedicated and people's officer. He not only safeguards the citizens but also saves and protects the 5000 trees planted in and around at Village, Gholapur, Jajpur. Since last 5 years he has been working to make his surroundings green and clean by planting around 500 fruits trees.

Sagar Kumar Patra

Change Maker

Sagar Kumar Patra, is fondly known as sparrow king. He along with his team have been working since years to conserve sparrows. With a zero population of sparrows to 100's of now in many villages in his surroundings. Mr Patra believes it is my responsibility to save the endangered species sparrows.

Jayadev Jena

Change Maker

Jayadev Jena, is working as a senior executive of the leading media houses News18 Odia. He is working with many communities and people of his villages to grow greenery by adopting individual social responsibility.

Sashikant Behera

Change Maker

Sashikant Behera a visionary peoples officer who works at the forest department of Odisha. He takes many individual initiatives in the state to conserve water, save biodiversity and grow thousands and lakhs of trees in the state. He believes it his individual responsibility to conserve biodiversity and grow forests ISRWAY.

Banamali Pradhan

Change Maker

Mr Banamali Pradhan who hails from Behrampur, Odisha is an everyday planter. He takes individual social responsibility to make his surroundings green and clean. He along with his team Sabuja Bahini and Eshaneswar Pathagar have been contributing to make city green and clean by planting and saving trees.

Sheena Rath

Change Maker

Mrs Sheena Rath is a highly visionary social worker who makes a difference in many ways with diversified community development programs including the over all development of special needs children, joy of giving, plantations, marathons and many initiatives,

Nitin Tiwari

Change Maker

Nitin Tiwari works as a senior executive at TCS. He is having vast knowledge on plant types, their growth patterns and sustainability. He is a every day planter at Kharghar, Navi Mumba who spends 2 to 3 hours daily to increase green cover at Kharghar hills. He has been planting since years by taking individual social responsibilty.

Nitesh Kumar Sinha

Change Maker

Mr Nitesh Kumar Sinha works as a station master at Sewri Station, Mumbai. He believes and delivers Swachh Station with his best individual capacity. He and his team made King Circle as a model railway station in western railway by keeping the station green and clean. Mr Sinha spends lakhs of rupees from his own pocket and takes personal social responsibility to make our railway station clean.

Kanhu Charan Behera

Animal Preserver

He spends his pocket money everyday to save 100's of peacocks. He is best known to speak and play with peacocks with his body language. He is also known for feeding and saving the wide bio-diversity of peacocks.

Dilip Kumar Sahu

Change Maker

Serving in Odisha State Electrical Department, He is a great thinker who shares his ideas how to save his surroundings and environment. He contributes in rising up the "Seedball" concept.

Durga Prasad Panda

Change Maker

Durga is having vast experience in community development initiatives, a champion of University NSS wings. He drives and connects all sections of people to make a difference in their respective surroundings.


Donation Amount

Kharghar, Navi Mumbai is a place with abundance of natural beauty. The place is blessed with Parsik hills forest range which is blessed with rich flora an fauna.
Between the forest, near Taloja Jail, there is a Prachin Pahadi Shiva Temple- called SwayamBhu Temple situated at the hill's foot land. The place had a small natural 'shivaling' situated there as per local villagers and a village's family built a temple around the 'Shivaling' in late 60's and started worshipping.

The temple's structure was in need of renovation since long. The ISR foundation's promoter Sh. Dharmendra Kar took the responsibility to renovate it before 2022 Shivaratri festival. With the contribution of volunteers of 'Adopt the Nature Group' which was again initiated by Sh. Dharmendra Kar, the foundation could collect the necessary fund to complete the renovation of the temple.

As the temple is situated at the hilly area, arrangement of water, construction material and labor movement was a challenge in itself. Under the leadership of Sh. Dharmendra, many volunteered to arrange the required resources in due time.

Being a forest area around the temple, it was home to many reptiles including venomous snakes, which was a cause of concern for people visiting there. During the repair of the cracks on the temple, many snakes were found in the cracks, who ware allowed to leave for the forest area without harming them.

It took around 15 days to completely renovate the temple. Inner Wheel Club donated a solar lamp post which was installed at the main entrance of the temple.

The Shivratri was celebrated with great enthusiasm with participation of many people. Prasadam was arranged through the donation of devotees. Local music program was arranged by the trustee of the temple.

Many volunteers embraced 'Individual Social Responsibility' theme and made this project possible. ISR Foundation is proud and thankful to all the contributors and volunteers.
IWD 2022 imageIWD 2022 imageIWD 2022 image
Green International Women’s Day Celebration @ Kapas Bhavan CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai | SBI and TechMahindra Associates.

We saluted the Women at workplace by gifting an indoor plant to each of the female co-workers. The plants were requested be placed at each of associate's desk to source their own oxygen. “Who else can be a better caretaker of Mother Earth & Mother Nature than a Woman”.

With the increasing focus on outdoor air pollution, we barely think of indoor air pollution that we are most of the time exposed to. Team CRM of SBI and TechMahindra took an unique way to increase the oxygen level by planting an indoor plant 🌱 at each associates desk.

More than 50 species of indoor plants have been gifted to all female associates of Team CRM on women’s day. Bank leaderships DGM Mr Chiranjeev Kumar, Mr Manoj Kumar Jain, Head Enterprise Architect and Senior Leaderships from Tech Mahindra -Mr. Prakash Kumar, Mr. Naveed, Alok Bhatt distributed the plants to each women associates. Team also planted a beautiful flower tree at Kapas Bhavan premises with the female members to mark Women’s Day.