• Since last 20 years, the journey has prevailed by connecting the dots through contribution towards clean and green environment which has flowered over the period with water conservation initiatives, adopting-parenting-nurturing everyday plantations, Individual Social Responsibility towards our environment has been the key mantra throughout the journey.
  • To understand the modus operandi, we have been contributing 2-hours everyday towards creating clean & green surrounding along with our respective professional and personal duties.
  • We are a team of dedicated citizens who have been planting trees nation wide everyday and everywhere to make a difference in the respective surroundings to our best individual capacity.
  •  We are reaching out to schools, colleges, universities with the objective to include the larger community on #EachOnePlantOne, #EachOneTeachOneToPlantOne, #GrowOurOwnOxygen, Swachh Bharat programs
  • With the support from Super 30 ISR practitioners and teams we are leaving green and clean footprints everyday and everywhere
  • We volunteer largely on beach clean up drives, cleaning of natural water bodies, hills, villages, cities and our surroundings and planting trees
  • We contribute to save wetlands, the biodiversity, the flamingos, the mangroves and the rich flora and fauna.
  • We inspire every one to contribute for community programs. Our team consists  of a 3 year old volunteer to 90 year old senior citizen.
  • Way2 ISR Foundation Trust known as Way2 Individual Social Responsibility Trust is a platform to connect each and every individual and human beings in the planet earth to contribute, care, adopt, save and protect the environment around us with our best individual/organisation capacity to mitigate climate change. It is a first of kind non-profit organisation in India, registered under Section 60 of The Indian Public Charitable Trust Acts which focuses on Individual contributions to bring the change.  All donations are eligible for 50% of Tax exemption under u/s 80G Income Tax Act, Unique registration number AAATW6460GF20211501 with PAN AAATW6460G.
    We are a team of individuals, professionals, change makers and social organizations making a difference with planting, adopting trees, restoring the eco systems and clean India initiatives by serving 2 hours a day for the nation with our own efforts and contribution. We have planted more than 3.5 lakhs trees by taking individual social responsibility at Odisha, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Delhi over the last 20 years. Our team from Navi Mumbai and Raipur of Chhattisgarh planted 10000+ trees by dedicating daily 2 hours in the morning with the communities. 
    We have a vision to plant 1 lakh trees nationwide with our volunteers’ base connecting with 1 lakh people and organizations.  By connecting dedicated and passionate volunteers all across we have registered our Trust as Way2 ISR Foundation with individual philanthropic activities to reach the milestone. Our trust has been registered on 13-August-2021.