Who We Are

  • Since last 20 years, the journey has prevailed by connecting the dots through contribution towards clean and green environment which has flowered over the period with water conservation initiatives, adopting-parenting-nurturing everyday plantations, Individual Social Responsibility towards our environment has been the key mantra throughout the journey.
  • To understand the modus operandi, we have been contributing 2-hours everyday towards creating clean & green surrounding along with our respective professional and personal duties.
  • We are a team of dedicated individuals who have been conducting nation wide seedball camps and eco-workshops at regular intervals to make a difference in the respective surroundings.
  •  We are reaching out to schools, colleges, universities with the objective to include the larger community on #EachOnePlantOne, #EachOneTeachOneToPlantOne, #GrowOurOwnOxygen, Swachh Bharat programs
  • With the support from Super 30 ISR practitioners and teams we are leaving green and clean footprints everyday and everywhere
  • We volunteer largely on beach clean up drives, cleaning of natural water bodies, hills, villages, cities and our surroundings
  • We contribute to save wetlands, the biodiversity, the flamingos, the mangroves and the rich fl aura and fauna.
  • We inspire every one to contribute for community programs. Our team consists  of a 3 year old volunteer to 90 year old senior citizen.